How To Find Wholesale And Whitelabel CBD

The demand for cannabidiol has been growing exponentially over the last few years. So, many people foray into the CBD business, expecting to reap big rewards. Some do it after using and realizing the amazing health benefits of cannabidiol. Whatever your reason to think of launching a CBD business may be, know that it is not easy to get started in this space. You must consider several things when starting the business, including where to source the merchandise. You have a couple of options in this regard.

  1. Buy CBD items from a wholesale distributor so that you can sell the merchandise as a retailer.
  2. Source the items from an established manufacturer to rebrand these as your goods.

The second option is commonly referred to as white labelling. Here, we will look at what to think about when sourcing the items from either party.

Things To Consider When Finding A CBD Wholesaler

Whether It Has Laboratory Tests Performed

You must select a CBD wholesale distributor that is reliable. Many CBD products in the market are not labeled correctly. Laboratory tests usually show that these products have more concentrations of cannabinoids than what is printed on their label. Sometimes, users end up having more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol. Under federal law, a CBD item must contain only 0.3% or less THC, which is a mind-altering phytocannabinoid. So you must think about numerous things before purchasing stock from any CBD distribution company that works on a wholesale basis.

The wholesaler should offer CBD merchandise that is checked to ensure the purity, quantity, safety, and quality of the ingredients. So it is the first thing you have to consider. To confirm that the tests of the wholesaler’s products are precise, look at whether a third-party laboratory has checked the merchandise.

Whether Its Customer Service Is Reliable

Contact the CBD wholesaler you are planning to work with, and look at the amount of time it takes to respond. In the event it takes some business days to reply to you, then it might not be your best partner option.

The service is significant, particularly in an industry where it is difficult to differentiate a legit business from one that operates in the gray market. Checking the service’s quality is among the many ways to confirm that the distribution business is run well and that it can prioritize its clientele.


Several CBD distribution businesses do not focus a lot on product packaging. Occasionally, this results in too plain packaging, whereas in other cases, it leads to a situation where labels are perplexing. If the information on the merchandise packaging attempts to please everyone, it would not serve anyone. Rather, the finest way to market cannabidiol is to target a niche audience. For example, when you plan to sell CBD merchandise at a spa, consider sourcing the products put in packaging that reflects your spa’s vibe.

Where The Source Plant Is Cultivated

Sourcing hemp from the US will be good for the domestic sector and businesses in the nation, plus the end consumer. There is a growing perception that the industrial hemp grown in this country is safer as compared to the imported plant. The US has greater test standards, which causes domestically obtained and processed cannabidiol to be more reliable. So consider contacting the CBD wholesale distributor to confirm that it sources the plant from a farm situated here.

The plant absorbs toxic substances, chemicals and heavy metals from the soil quicker than it flushes out these in a natural way. No one would wish to see the presence of any harmful substance in CBD items. So you must pick a wholesale distributor that makes the merchandise from hemp that does not contain these substances.

How To Discover The Best White Label Products Supplier For You

White labelling will help you to concentrate on your core business. It is good for a new business like yours that wishes to enter the CBD segment. The sector is not regulated, so you are responsible to find safe and high-quality products. To discover the ideal supplier of white label CBD products, you must consider the following things.

Whether It Has These Values

Shared below are the three most significant qualities of all ethical CBD manufacturers.


Working with one business that values this aspect is perfect for another that seeks the products, to sell these under its own brand. You must check the quality standards and values of that potential CBD supplier. Transparency is essential when it comes to any business aspect, which includes obtaining hemp, extracting cannabinoids from the plant, and production.


There are CBD products with potentially toxic ingredients such as dyes, solvents and pesticides, available in the market. Every company that values traceability must reveal details about the source of its industrial hemp, the method of CBD extraction, and any documentation that certifies its production center.


CBD items must be tested to substantiate whether the manufacturer considers the two aforementioned aspects to be important. An accredited third-party laboratory must test CBD products. For this, the manufacturer must send its product samples to the lab. After this, it must publish the test result details on its website.

When buying the white label merchandise, you will wish to have certificates of analysis for these items. These documents will help to confirm whether the manufacturer claims regarding the product ingredients are true.

Whether It Follows These Standards

Confirm that the producer follows the standards mentioned below to determine whether it is suitable for you.

Hemp Standards

The standards of industrial hemp’s growing process vary by country, which makes it significant to have cannabidiol obtained from just the local plant. You might discover more affordable sources elsewhere, but it is possible that these offer genetically modified hemp. The industrial hemp plant can resist pests, so it needs no genetic modification. So when buying from the local market, confirm that it is described as ‘non-GMO’.

This type of hemp must be cultivated through a stringent application of organic agriculture. Exposure to any pesticide will possibly result in secondary, adverse effects, and it can be dangerous to the user.

Ask the manufacturer more details about who supplies hemp to them, and the growing standards of that farm. Some US manufacturers possess hemp farms, and source the raw materials from these facilities. If it is a producer your business trusts, it is likely that the quality standards of it also spread to the agriculture practices.

Extraction Standards

Are you aware that cannabidiol can be extracted from industrial hemp in some different methods? Each method of CBD extraction has its own benefits and disadvantages. The technique that uses steam water may be safe, but it is not effective. In solvent extraction, various solvents are utilized. According to industry insiders, the safest way to extract CBD from industrial hemp is the one that utilizes carbon dioxide.

The use of carbon dioxide extraction usually results in a pure and safe cannabidiol item. However, it takes costly machinery and tools to extract it in this manner. Every other solvent could leave traces of potentially unsafe substances in the merchandise. If a laboratory that lacks experience does the process, then there might be more dangerous residue in the products. So ask the creator regarding how and where it extracts CBD. Some makers carry out the process in their own facilities, but others rely on third-party labs.

Production Standards

Albeit you discover a maker whose extraction and hemp cultivation standards satisfy your business, its merchandise’s quality could be compromised if not appropriately produced. The Food and Drug Administration does not regulate CBD for safety and purity. Therefore, there are no set production standards in the industry. Some either get their goods produced at a GMP-certified plant or are GMP-certified manufacturers. Many different production certifications exist. Do you feel there are certifications for GMP or anything else that will go well with the target audience? If yes, look for a manufacturer with similar values having the relevant certification.

Testing Standards

A fine manufacturer tests products at three different stages. It has industrial hemp checked for phytocannabinoid quantities before harvesting. Then it sends all new batches of extracted cannabidiol to a separate company’s laboratory for testing. Another third-party laboratory carries out the third round of testing.

Every manufacturer that is worth its salt boasts the three-level testing. Confirm that your business is confident in the testing standards of the one it plans to work with.

Other Things To Consider, No Matter Where You Source CBD Products From

Before entering the CBD sector, you also have to think about what types of product to deal in. There are many different CBD products, including edibles, tinctures, oils, and topicals. No matter which product you will deal in, consider which form of CBD to choose.

Cannabidiol is available in three different forms: ‘broad-spectrum’, ‘full-spectrum’, and ‘isolate’. CBD isolate comes in crystalline powder form, and it contains no hemp cannabinoid other than cannabidiol. It is the purest form of CBD product. Conversely, a broad-spectrum type product contains CBD and other beneficial hemp compounds except for THC. A full-spectrum product has every hemp cannabinoid in it. The presence of THC differentiates it from both broad-spectrum CBD and the crystalline powder type product.

Whatever the type of product you want to deal in, be sure that it contains only the legally allowed level of tetrahydrocannabinol. If it has more than 0.3% THC, then it could land you in legal trouble.

A whole-plant CBD product has the so-called entourage effect, the beneficial result of all of the hemp components working together. Just keep this in mind when searching for a CBD supplier.

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