How AI Distribution Technology Contribute To Business Sales

Even if you adopt all possible measures to ensure the quality of the products or services that your business delivers, you cannot be sure about the success of your business unless you deploy a successful distribution strategy. Adoption of newer technology promises a brighter future for the distribution sector and AI has already started to revolutionize the distribution activities.

Here are the benefits offered by AI to business sales.

AI Improves The Quality Of Customer Service Thereby Giving A Major Boost To Business Sales

When representatives are on business calls, they can check the recent orders of a customer, know in advance if a product is available, check current prices, and get a delivery date. The information retrieved with the assistance of AI enables the representatives to avoid selling items that are out stock that could lead to customer dissatisfaction.

When the buying habits of customers change, the representatives can flag them, and in addition to that, AI technology enables the sales professionals to identify locations with the best sales. AI can also help the sales personnel identify customers who are willing to pay a higher amount without pushing back much.

AI Assists Inventory Management

If the knowledge about how much inventory to keep in stock is lacking, distribution strategies will fail in working efficiently. Due to inadequacies in inventory management, companies might come across situations where they have to liquidate stale products or run out of popular items.

After analyzing order patterns, sales history, returns, economic conditions, commodity pricing, and even weather situations that impact the delivery, AIturns the results of the analysis into actions.

Take for instance the case of a product that has good sales. AI will automatically identify the item and restock it when the inventory is low, avoiding the chances for lost sales.AI can  suggest discounts by identifying items that are not selling well and help the distributor decide whether an item’s sale should be discontinued due to flat sales.

 AI Increases The Efficiency Of Warehouse Operations

Efficiency of warehouse operations impacts the speed of orders and the sales. By enabling warehouse automation AI assists the management of warehouse operations efficiently. Take for instance the case of voice picking technology. By improving hands free operations and speech recognition, AI takes voice-picking technology to the next level. Studies suggest that switching from paper to voice picking system will reduce errors by 90%.

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