What you Need to Know before Starting a Distribution Company

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Online Distribution Business
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Distribution is a concept that dates back years, to the periods before the use of money as currency. At that time, people exchanged things for other items between kingdoms and cities, and distribution existed then, albeit in a different form from today. In today’s digital age, it has an equal amount of relevance to every other business.

Millennial people are much more inclined to a new and exciting business concept like franchising than others are. Distribution is among the most significant functions in the supply chain because almost every product goes through the stockist before reaching retailers or customers.

A lot of technological revamps have been happening in the world of distribution, making it a good time now to be a distributor. If you plan on starting a distribution company, you will surely be wondering what the basic requirements are.


Some distributors stock goods from the producer to supply these to customers through the direct distribution channel. For this reason, they are also referred to as stockists. So storage space is the most essential requirement to be a stockist. The location and size of that storage area are of paramount importance. As opposed to a franchise or retail outlet, you need not have your own storage location where either the footfall or visibility is high. You would only need a decent place with a storage requirement depending on your item. It can be a garage, rented storage space, or warehouse.


One more prerequisite for a distributor to have is a reliable mode of transport for distribution. There is a wide range of transportation modes for it. You can have a fleet of trucks and vans or choose to rent these, depending on your budget and the kind of your business.


Getting licenses is among the most significant things you will need to start the business. The licensing requisites for a wholesale distribution business differ based on the local regulations and the kind of goods you will sell. Researching those permitting and licensing requirements thoroughly is important before you start operations.

Moving the goods from the producer to retailer or consumer will be among your responsibilities as a distributor. The right product distributor can enhance the exposure of an organization in the market and give a competitive edge. By doing proper research, and making calculated decisions, you can be such a distributor.

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