Distribution is the act of spreading a product right through the physical market so that numerous can buy that item. Distribution is among the four parts of the marketing mix, the others being, product, promotion, and price. These are collectively known as the 4Ps of marketing. ‘Place’ in the mix is the market in which the good is sold. The distribution network determines the availability of a product in retail stores.
Distribution strategy refers to an approach to make an item or service accessible to customers across the supply chain of it. The principal objective of a fine distribution strategy is to attract the customer’s attention and make it easier for them to purchase the product. Customers may not know about distribution; as management guru Peter Drucker once said, “We know it is there, and we know it is big; and that’s about all.”
We provide details regarding distribution and distribution channels. By increasing the existing number of product distribution channels, a business has more chances to sell products to existing and new customers.
Do you know what to take into account when choosing a new distribution channel? If you do not, then we have a post discussing that matter.